Weekly Favorites : Flowers And Things

March 22, 2014


Hello everyone! This weekend marks the 18 month anniversary of our engagement. Being the sweet husband that he is, Luis sent me tulips (one of my favorite flowers). To kick off my Weekly Favorites series, I wanted to share with you these beautiful flowers along with other favorites I have been obsessing over.

fashion blogger, tulips, style by alina

Tulips : A bouquet of flowers brightens up every girl’s day. I can’t wait until these beautiful tulips fully blossom. They smell amazing.

Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake : This has been my favorite ice cream bar since I was kid, and I have been eating it a lot recently since the weather has been heating up. I just love the sweet, crunchy shell and slightly tangy strawberry-flavored center. MmmM, so good! The only place that sells them now (that I know of) is Walgreens.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm: I have been using this lip balm daily to keep my lips moisturized. It has a fruity taste and is very pigmented which I like a lot. I actually have been using this lip balm alone in the last several shoots.

Essie (Sugar Daddy) : I’m currently wearing this nail polish. I am in love with this shade. If you haven’t noticed, I have been unconsciously incorporating soft pink in some of my recent outfits.

Forever 21 Cross Body : I love all things mint and I have a weakness for small dainty cross body bags. I got this bag on a bargain and I can’t wait to style it.

There was one other thing I forgot to mention: my Maleficent post was recently published on Yahoo Voices! Yay! Have a lovely weekend everyone!