Shorty Story : Crop Top & Yellow Pants

May 16, 2014

style by alina, crop top, summer fashion, fashion blog, vietnamese blogger

After a fun weekend in Illinois, we were welcome back to California with 90 degree weather. I don’t normally wear a crop top this high, but I made a rare exception because it was sweltering outside and I love how it pairs with the yellow pants. These pants have to be the softest pants ever and they fit me perfectly. When I saw that they were on sale at Uniqlo for $14, I went berserk (as most women would) and bought all the colors of the rainbow. =)

style by alina, crop top, summer fashion, fashion blog, vietnamese blogger

While taking these photos, I had thoughts of our past trip flooding into my mind. It’s been haunting me for the last several days, so I figured I’d let the beast out and share the story. So the day we were supposed to fly back to California, Murphy’s Law happened. Due to inclement weather and then a fire in an air traffic control tower (crazy!), our flight was cancelled two days in a row. Stranded and exhausted, our options were to fly back two days later on a 20-hour flight or buy new tickets to go back on the next flight with a different airline. We did the latter, reluctantly.

style by alina, crop top, summer fashion, fashion blog, vietnamese blogger

After the first canceled flight, we decided to book a well-rated hotel nearby the airport to catch some much needed Zzzz. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we noticed something peculiar about this place. For one the check-in reception was in a little shack separated from the rooms. And the rooms, weren’t really rooms either. They reminded me of unattached storage units that lined along a parking lot. These look nothing like the photos we saw online, but that was fine. It was already close to midnight and the rain was pouring hard, so we relented and checked in despite all the red flags.


When we got to our room I was filled with anticipation, if not excitement. I never stayed at any place like this before so there was a certain mystique to it. The moment we opened the door, I gasped and Luis was speechless. I’m not going to show you the picture in this post, but you can see it HERE. Red lights on the ceiling, chains on each side of the bed, a naughty hammock in the center of the bed and Usher’s “Love in this Club” was playing. I didn’t know if I was supposed to laugh or freak out. For a moment it felt like we transported to a Vegas strip club even though this hotel is located in a seemingly innocent and sweet little suburb in Chicago. Sadly, we were not in the mood for “Love in the Club” and there was a centipede crawling around the tub (Eek!). Luis started to inspect the room and the hair on this back shot up like weeds. That was definitely not a good sign, ahha. We ultimately decided to bounce and stay at a well known hotel chain instead.

style by alina, crop top, summer fashion, fashion blog, vietnamese blogger

I guess we should have listened to our guts. The gut is never wrong! Not to deflect attention from this cute outfit, but I hope this story entertains you. It definitely makes me laugh and cringe every time it crosses my mind.

I hope you’ll have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to check out my interview with WearMyFashionMag. Smile and stay beautiful! =)

Top – Forever21
Pants – Uniqlo (in store only, similar HERE)
Bag – c/o Susu Handbag
Shoes – Enzo Angiolini (old, similar HERE)

  • Buttons

    cute bellybutton :)

  • Shannon

    I love this look and especially the clutch! It gives the outfit a pop of color.

  • bianca roman

    i love the whole outfit! i can’t wait until i can wear crop tops! omg i would’ve been laughing so hard if i had come into a room like y’all did! it’s sad that y’all had to spend extra money to get back home and to stay in a decent hotel.

  • StushiGal Style

    I love your shoes and bag! This is such a cute look!

  • Sania Akbar

    I am always a fan of clutches and i like yours too :)

  • Christina C

    I love crop tops

  • libys11

    pretty!! love the pink purse!! :D

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  • Danielle Pelton

    Yellow pants look so good on you!

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    Love yellow and stripes!

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    LOVE your shoes! You look amazing. x

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    love your top and clutch! you look stunning <3

    To Juliet

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  • Marija

    That’s actually funny and scary at the same time ;) You look lovely!!! xoxo

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    Such a cute look! Love the color of those pants :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  • Karen Miriam
  • Busola Coutts

    Oh Em Gee!!! Haaa! Geez, man, i would have been out o’there in a shot gun. Hehehe. Well, hey, it made for a really cool story. And baby girl, i am so happy for you on your continued success. Love your outfit. The crop top is so cute and the pants fit you so perfectly. Your interview was really inspiring. Good for you!

  • petra lorietta

    you look gorgeous as always!♥ beautiful outfit!:)

  • Aisha S

    Haha. Not in the mood for love in the club..too funny. That is an awesome story Alina, and an awesome pair of pants. Love em!

  • Brittani and Katie – Pleasantl

    Love this look! Sorry about all the craziness in trying to get back home! It definitely makes for an interesting story to say the least


    Brittani and Katie

  • Jenn

    Lol Alina that is the best worst hotel story ever. I can’t imagine how astounded you guys must have been. However I hope you guys had fun in Chicago. I love the city.
    Needless to say you look great in those yellow pants.

  • Jenny Scott Russell

    Such a cute outfit! Love your shoes :) x


  • Eni K.

    Crop top is not for all….on you is very very beautiful!!!! Kisses,

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    It is so beautiful that even the most simple things sit perfectly on you! What a selection of colors! You have awesome taste!


  • Jackie Harrison

    How cute is the crop top it fits you perfectly like that you added a soft color pant to it nice touch. Beautiful doll as always. Enjoy your weekend.