Blooming Tulle Skirt & Cherry Blossoms

March 14, 2014
tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog, cherry blossom, space46boutique

tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog, cherry blossom, space46boutique

Hello everyone! I am so bummed we lost an hour of sleep but I’m excited for an extra hour of beautiful sun. I know Spring doesn’t “officially” start until March 20, but heck it might as well since white cherry blossoms are already in full bloom. To celebrate the onset of my second favorite season, I’m wearing a beautiful and romantic tulle skirt from I have always wanted to wear a tulle skirt but I was afraid it would look overwhelming or worse immature on my petite frame. Many people have pulled them off beautifully but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to.

For weeks I would visit the site but could not work up the courage to purchase the skirt. So while we were down in LA for my birthday, Luis pulled a ninja move and contacted the seller directly without my knowledge. As we were leaving the lobby for dinner, I saw a gentleman waiting outside the parking lot and looking at us as if as he recognized us. Little did I know it was the owner’s husband who came to our hotel to deliver the surprise tulle skirt for me (all orchestrated by my sweet husband).

Of course I was beyond excited and teeny nervous. I sprang into the hotel’s bathroom to try it and I was elated. It was as sweet and whimsical as I hoped it would look. Although I must admit, I wish it were a bit shorter but that’s totally fixable.

So finally I can share this gorgeous tulle skirt with you guys. Do expect many more restyling of this skirt (hihi). Thank you so much for reading everyone. I hope you also enjoy our short welcome Spring film.

Tulle Skirt – Space46Boutique
Top – Forever 21
Shoes – Vince Camuto


tulle skirt, cherry blossom, fashion blog, alina, space 46 boutique





tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog, cherry blossom, space46boutique

tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog, cherry blossom, space46boutique

tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog, cherry blossom, space46boutique

  • Maja eM

    I love it, I’m dreaming about the tulle skirt too, but in the light blue shade!


  • Thida Kol

    love love love!


      Can’t see to see my girl, haha! <3

  • Doori Park

    That was such a sweet story~ the tulle skirt is great: go BIG!! :D

    Doori Park


      Thank you Doori!


    The place was at local park dear. Please do a tulle skirt post soon. I know you will look absolutely stunning!

  • Van Ritchie

    I was having a hard week trying to deliver my catering jobs with no courier, so needed a pick me up … I went straight to your site for instant revival. Thanks so much for all your posts. Just gorgeous !!! Love the new look. Just love visiting.


      Thank you so much for your love and support Van! You have no idea how happy that makes me feel. Your blog has the same effect on me. <3

  • Londyn

    Such an incredible look! Stunning and so feminine. Love everything about it.


      Thank you so much dear!

  • Sofija T

    Wow this is truly stunning! I’m in love with everything about this outfit :D


      Thank you Sofija!

  • Aileen O.

    Love the tulle skirt! And the video and photos came out amazing.


      Your blog is stunning sweetie. Thank you for the kind words! <3

  • Jessica

    Love the look Alina! That tulle skirt is too cute.


      Thank you so much Jessica!!!!! Miss you <3

  • Karen Miriam

    The tulle skirt is so beautiful and I think it looks so gorgeous on you. I think with a petite frame you can pull off just about anything


      Thank you Karen dear!

  • Erica M

    I am in love with the skirt! The shoes adds the perfect amount of spice to the outfit


      Thank you Erica!

  • Angel

    nice skirt :) you look like a modern princess. love how you paired it with an uber girly blouse and edgy shoes :) perfect!


      Thank you Angel!

      • Angel

        you’re welcome. you look lovely :)

  • Marija

    Totally adorable! Photos are amazing, I can’t wait for warm weather here too! xo


      Soon and surely the warm weather will be here to stay. Thank you so much Marija!

  • Jackie Harrison

    It was the right purchase you look like a beautiful doll in it. I agree with the time change so feeling it. Enjoy your weekend.


      Thank you Jackie!

  • Ladyofashion

    Stunning photos. I love a tulle skirt, especially the longer midi lengths. I think it just depends on your style, and you wear it beautifully here.


      Thank you sweetie!

  • thechicmode

    Wou Alina , love this skirt!! you look like a princess , kiss pretty


      Thank you dear!

  • andy

      Thank you Andy!