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January 2, 2015
pink tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog. maternity style. petite fashion

pink tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog. maternity style. petite fashion

pink tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog. maternity style. petite fashion

pink tulle skirt, style by alina, fashion blog. maternity style. petite fashion

C/O Bliss Tulle Skirt | Old Navy Cardigan | C/O Stuart Weitzman Heels | C/O Daniel Wellington Watch

Happy new year everyone! I can’t think of a better outfit to start off the new year than a fun pink tulle skirt from Bliss Tulle! Seriously, how cute is this skirt and it fits my baby bump so comfortably. :)

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, but there is so much to look forward to ahead. I’m excited to start a new chapter and share with you a new journey that I will embark on a few months from now. Mommyhood here I come! I used to measure happiness by the number of goals I could achieve. I sometimes focused on this so much that I regretfully forget to enjoy and appreciate all the blessings in my life. When I found out I was expecting, I was overjoyed but at the same time terrified. I worried how having a child would effect my relationship with my husband, and how it would impact my ability to achieve my goals. It took me awhile and I’m still learning to let go and roll with the punches. A life lived without fear and hesitation is much more satisfying, and that’s the mindset I want to have coming into this new year!

I have few things I’ve been working on that I’m excited to share with you in the coming months. Thank you so much for visiting. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with so much love and happiness.

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  • Deedee Murigi

    Chic tulle, you slayed it in style. You look amazing!!

  • Vera Sawicki
  • mayabeth

    Absolutely love the tulle on you so much mama! You are such a beauty! And those nudist heels are killer, I want the nude I just have the black! I too often measured happiness by how many of my goals I achieved or the “success” i had in my endeavors, and I also worried before my daughter was born about how it would effect my relationship with my husband, with my every day life! Know that you will be an amazing mommy, and that all will work out perfectly, just as it should. You have lots of mommies (like me) to lean on for support!
    xox, Maya Beth


      Thank you so much for the encouragement babe! I’m such a worry wart so I’m glad to know I’m not alone! You have such impeccable style Maya and a gorgeous family. <3

  • Karen Miriam

    I love this look. Perfect to start the new year with

  • Rendezvous

    You look adorable and cute!

  • Jenny Plog

    That skirt is beautiful!!!!

  • Anne

    The skirt is so cute and pretty.Happy New Year!

  • Garuba Khadijah Abiola
  • Sushmitha Gururaj

    Sp pretty, Alina! That tulle looks adorable on you!
    xx Sushmitha

  • Hoda Katebi

    Too beautiful! You look so fabulous in a tulle skirt–I really love this look! Also, your words are so beautiful. I totally agree with you in that focusing less on the number of things checked off a goals list and more on the general, day-to-day happiness are so important and refreshing!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  • melody
  • Whitney

    I love this on you, that skirt is beautiful!! Gorgeous as usual!!!

  • Marija

    You are so charming! Happy New year!!!! xoxo

  • Edwige A.

    You look absolutely stunning! Love that skirt!


  • Jess Galfo

    you are so cute! I love this look. Very sex-in-the-city ish :) xoxo Jess

  • Aissa

    Such a cute outfit :) You look amazing!

    Aissa // tea in january

  • Pam

    You look stunning! Wish you a fantastic 2015 filled with love, happiness and success!
    xo Pam

  • Tery_ti

    Amazing, love your skirt.

  • Eniwhere Fashion

    Black and white is always a good choice Alina and you are so sweet with this skirt!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

  • Shannon Jenkins

    Girl you look stunning but what’s new!? STarting 2015 off with a bang! This will be the best year yet for you with your new bundle coming soon! Happy new year!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  • Jackie Harrison

    You look beautiful what an amazing outfit great way to start your 2015 have a lovely weekend as well.