About Me

Hello and nice to meet you! I’m Alina, founder of Style by Alina, a fashion blog about personal style and beauty. Although I have always loved fashion, starting this blog was a bit of a happy accident. Half a year ago while I was on my honeymoon, my husband caught me fumbling through my suitcase trying to find an outfit to wear for our dinner date. He found it amusing that whenever I get ready to go out I always complain I don’t have anything to wear. Jokingly, he suggested I should document all of my outfits so I know what I have in my closet. I thought it was funny at first but then I realized it’s such a brilliant idea. From there StylebyAlina.com was born.

What started out as a style diary has now become a creative outlet for me to share all facets of my interests in fashion and beauty. Escape with me in my ever evolving journey in life and fashion through photos and stories. We hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to drop me a note as I love reading your emails!

You can also find me on Style Studio, a shop I recently launched in response your positive inputs on our photos. If you’re already editing your own photos with Lightroom or Photoshop, Style Studio might be a great fit for you!