4 Ways to Style a Strapless Dress

March 26, 2014

how to wear a strapless dress, style by alina, fashion blog, fashion stylist

If versatility has a name, I would call it “the strapless dress”. This is why I’m hailing the strapless dress as this summer fashion must-have. It’s the “it girl”! Whether you’re going to a casual lunch date or night out on the town with your love or girlfriends, you can count on converting this cute stable to suit any occasion. Don’t believe me? Check out these four fabulously creative ways to style a strapless dress.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on another new dress just yet. Give that strapless dress that hangs in the back of your closet another whirl for a fresh new look.

Blaze Up The Class
Turn up the sophistication vibe by pairing the strapless dress with a blazer. I prefer a fitted blazer because it balances the fullness of the dress and creates a flattering silhouette. Although not pictured, accessorize with a classic satchel handbag and pointy toe pumps to complete the look.

how to wear a strapless dress, style by alina, fashion blog, fashion stylist

Dress Takes Two
A dress within a dress! Don’t you love it when you can wear a dress as a top and vice versa? To create this look take any fitted top and wear it underneath the strapless dress. Then fold the bodice of the strapless dress over once and wear a cinched belt over the fold. To complete this fun flirty look, accessorize with a mini cross body or clutch and a pair of pumps or high heel sandals.

how to wear a strapless dress, style by alina, fashion blog, fashion stylist

Cardigan Style
Add a touch of feminine flair by wearing the dress with a sweater cardigan. Most of us have a few cardigans in our closets so why not restyle them? Since I want to accentuate the shape of the dress and my waist, I’m pairing it with a cropped fitted cardigan. A small cross body or satchel bag would go perfect with this casual chic look.

how to wear a strapless dress, style by alina, fashion blog, fashion stylist

Weekend Dress Shirt
Strategically undone but completely put together. Rock the strapless dress as a skirt by wearing it with a relaxed dress shirt, and tie the shirt right at the waist to create shape. Oh and don’t forget to twirl. =)

how to wear a strapless dress, style by alina, fashion blog, fashion stylist

Do you have a favorite look? Let me know what other pairings you would like to see me do next.

Thank you so much for reading!

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  • Katie Fought

    Oh wow! I love all of these! They look great!

  • Terri Shaw

    I love that dress. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Christina C

    I love the weekend dress shirt the most.

  • http://alittlefierce.blogspot.com/ Amanda Winters

    This is great! I always feel like I can only wear strapless dresses to nice occasions when it is warm out, which is hard when you live in Seattle. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://www.lifeunrefined.com/ Jen K. of LifeUnrefined.com

    Love all these looks! Never thought about folding over the bodice of the dress (#2), but I also don’t have a belt that’s wide enough to make the outfit look right.

    Can’t wait to meet you soon!! <3

  • http://aeroplaneandapparel.blogspot.com/ Aeroplane and Apparel

    Nice outfits. I like the first one the best.

  • simply bliss

    cool, one dress, many ways to wear it :)


  • http://www.heyprettything.com/ Carolyn

    cute styles! love the double dress look


  • http://myfashioncabin.blogspot.com/ Karen Miriam

    Hi Alina, I love all the four looks but the second one is my best. I love that top. Its so gorgeous on you :)


  • http://www.vonvogue.com/ Claire Liu

    The striped dress is soo adorable! Love the one with bright orange cardigan <3 and you definitely know how to style the dress very well :)))

    New Post: Hey Mickey
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  • Jenny Sanzo

    Loved this post! And dreaming of the day I can wear a strapless dress again! I’m starting to think spring will never come! xoxo

  • Sophie S

    wow you still look amazing. would you like to follow each other ? xo


  • Kai-Li

    Love the blazer look! Always great way to dress up an outfit!


  • http://stylesensemoments.blogspot.com/ Marija

    Such a versatile piece, dress take two is my fave look! xo


  • thechicmode

    i love versatile proposition
    love the cardigan red


  • Jackie Harrison

    Impressive like how you show to use it four ways now I need to share this with my nieces for they could get more out of a dress. You look beautiful like a model always.

  • Michèle

    love all the ways dear. you look so pretty



  • http://blog.1415clothing.co.uk/ Elizabeth

    The dress is so pretty, I love how you switch it up between a dress and skirt. I think my favourite is probably the one with the blazer

    Liz, Style by 1415 | Store x

  • imperfectmuse

    great job! Dress takes two, my fav. Beautiful dress.


  • http://www.thefashionstirfry.com/ Busola Coutts

    Wow, i am so impressed Alina. First of, that is a very nice stripped dress and all four looks rock. My favorite 2 since i can not decide on one will be the Dress Takes Two and the Cardigan Style. So beautiful! Great job girl.